Hive Alive Bee Supplement

HiveAlive is the only product to contain unique Irish seaweed extracts scientifically selected for honeybees.

HiveAlive is the result of extensive research into the benefits of administration of seaweeds to bees. The ingredients in HiveAlive have been specifically selected for honeybees. These ingredients have been formulated in such as way as to preserve their natural bioactivity whilst also being safe for bees to consume.

All ingredients in HiveAlive and the manufacturing process are compliant with EU and FDA animal feed regulations. HiveAlive is suitable for organic beekeeping as per EU Council Regulation (EEC) 834/2007.


Seaweeds for healthy bees

HiveAlive is largely composed of a unique blend of scientifically selected Irish seaweed extracts called OceaShield. Seaweeds are routinely fed in animal feeds to help reduce the need for antibiotics.

Syrup feed for Bees


  • Increased production
  • Improved general health
  • Improved gut health
  • Enhanced immune function
  • Improved nutrition
  • Reduced disease levels
  • Reduced medicine use

The reason seaweeds are so beneficial is due to their anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, immune boosting properties and prebiotic activity as well as high levels of vitamins and minerals i,ii,iii,iv.

The benefits are not only seen in animals; research on seaweeds and their extracts on humans have shown significant benefits in digestive health and tackling diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis and cancers.v

Trials carried out on HiveAlive reveal the benefits of feeding seaweeds for honeybee health. A massive 89% increase in colony population was observed when colonies were fed HiveAlive activated syrup in autumn and spring. This was accompanied by a decrease in Nosema spore counts and a reduction in over winter

The seaweeds found in HiveAlive are harvested from the clean, pure waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the west of Ireland. These seaweeds are then processed to carefully extract all the bioactives to ensure maximum efficacy.


Seaweeds as prebiotics

honeybee gutIn recent years, the importance of gut bacteria has come to light.vii A healthy, balanced population of gut bacteria is key to ensuring digestive health, defence against pathogens of the gut, creating a strong intestinal barrier and it also contributes to the production of some vitamins. Diet plays a major role in maintaining the proper functioning of gut bacteria. A prebiotic is any ingredient that is able to change the gut bacteria/probiotics in a way that is beneficial to your health & wellbeing. Seaweeds are an excellent source of prebiotics and have been used in human nutrition for numerous years for a plethora of health benefits.viii 



Bee Feed Syrup


HiveAlive contains thymol which is recognised as a key substance in the fight against Nosema. We have developed a unique emulsification process to ensure it blends easily into sugar syrup and does not cause separation or re-crystallisation.

Nosema treatment for bees

Lemongrass Oil

HiveAlive contains a precise amount of lemongrass in order to increase attractiveness of syrup but does not contain enough to induce unwanted robbing. Lemongrass also has a calming effect on bees.