Introductory Beekeeping Course Outline

Turnview Farm Honey


Curriculum:                       Introductory Beekeeping Course

Introduction to beekeeping

Beehive lingo. What is it?

Identification of Bees

Yard locations

How to handle your Nuc and installing frames of bees

Weekly management

Feeding your bees

What to expect your first year with bees.

Diseases and how to control them

Nutrition for your honey bees

 How to make honey

Flowers they love and how to help your bees prosper

Controlling the urge to swarm

What do bees produce

How to harvest their hard work

How to relax around bees

How to harvest your first honey crop

Fall preparedness

Feeding your bees for winter

Fall treatments, give them every chance to survive a Canadian winter.

Wrapping hives, keep the mice out.


                              Field Day with the Bees


Starting your smoker for the first time

What fuels to use

Hive tools, how to use them

Use a bee brush

Opening your hive up to inspect

Up close identification

Finding the queen

Handling frames

Identifying Bees, Brood, Honey and Pollen in the hive

Frame manipulation

And much more


Please call with any questions you may have. I’m here to help

You achieve your beekeeping goals.