About Us

Hello from Turnview Farm, owned and operated by Paul and Emily Turner and located just north of Barrie on Hwy 93 near Waverley.

Both Paul and Emily grew up on dairy farms. Paul is a graduate of University of Guelph (agriculture) and Emily is a Registered Nurse. Together we have farmed for over thirty years. In addition to beekeeping, we produce farm fresh eggs.

Recently, we added beekeeping equipment to our offering. This addition compliments our honeybee sales, providing a one stop shop for our customers. We are licensed to sell queens and provide nucs. We can supply you with all your honeybee needs.

Every spring we teach beekeeping courses. Introduction to beekeeping is our most popular course. Stay connected for more information to come.

So, what’s all the “BUZZ” about? Turnview Farm markets our honey at our farm store all year round as well as other local stores and small businesses. We especially enjoy selling from the farm gate and visiting with our customers. Our bees harvest their honey from lovely picturesque summer meadows producing mainly wildflower and buckwheat honey. Every effort is made to protect our colonies from modern mono crop agricultural practices. Bee colony health is a top priority and we are proud of our stellar survival rates over the past 10 years. We are committed to the lifestyle of producing, buying and consuming local food while supporting the local economy. Our apiary began 12 years ago stemming from a keen interest in honey bee biology and beekeeping. Paul was looking for a new farm business opportunity to replace milking cows and has not turned back since with consistent, significant year to year growth.

Busy bees! The honey bee is our insect ally and much can be learned or gained from trying to understand the ancient honey bee culture dating back to about 9000 years ago!

Amazing! We are continually fascinated by bees and we like to emphasize that we really do not keep bees but rather we facilitate their natural way of existence with the wonderful result being raw, natural, golden, sweet tasting honey that we can share with you!

How sweet it is! Honey was and still is highly prized by humans. Bees and honey were endowed by the ancient Greeks with religious and poetic symbolism. Honey bee colonies were part of early human “medicine cabinets”. Honey is antibacterial and a mild laxative and is still used medicinally with several health benefits including wound care, digestive and immune system health.

We are very proud of our four wonderful daughters who have all completed university and love to participate in our farm business. We take pride in promoting efficient and conscientious farming practices. Thank you for stopping by to see us. We appreciate and value your business.

From our farm to your table! Enjoy!

Paul and Emily Turner