Candle votive molds silicone (2 pack)

Candle votive molds silicone (2 pack)

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Make your own beeswax candles. 

Silicone rubber moulds and beeswax are a perfect fit, because they don’t like each other! Beeswax does not adhere to silicone. The wax shrinks as it cools and guarantees an easy removal of the candle. No release agents are required. Tapers can be removed within 15 minutes, pillars after 30 – 40 minutes.

Our moulds come with a centre pin. Insert the pin in the centre hole and pour your candle. Let the candle cool. As soon as the wax is set and the candle is ready to remove, remove it from the mould and let it cool sitting on a rack or a cup. Remove the pin when the candle is solid, but still a bit warm. Twist and pull to remove the pin. If you wait too long, the wax gets too hard and adheres to the metal pin.

Now you can insert the prewaxed wick into the candle. Use a wick tab to keep the wick in place (tea lights, votives, egg, small diameter candles) or seal the bottom hole on a hot plate.

The silicone mould should last for a lifetime. Clean it with a bottle brush after a few uses. Or, once in a while, wash it in warm soapy water. Store your mould free standing with the opening up, cover with a paper towel to keep dust and dirt out. Do not leave the pin in the centre hole for storage.